"@Home" style client coming

If you were to browse the change history you'd see that for the last couple months most of my work has been in Python on the run and maintenance scripts surrounding the solver. I think it's getting close. I'm currently running a one machine client-server configuration at home with four cores of my new i7-950 machine redistricting as fast as they can. I think I need to make the client confine itself to a set quota of disk space and be a bit smarter about data downloads and solution uploads, and then maybe in a month or so I'll have Linux and Mac x86-64 clients ready for download. This is all just an exercise to get ready for March 2011 (just over three-ish months away) when the Census bureau promises they'll have the redistricting data ready. With recent improvements in my preprocessing step, I'll basically be ready to go as within an hour of  downloading the 50GB of data from the census servers - except those servers might be busy that day! They should post torrents!