Help Me Compute

Here it is, the place to download the client for Linux and MacOS (x86_64 only right now):

It's not nice, it needs to be run from a terminal command line, it might take a couple minutes to set up, and it might not even work on some systems, if so, any email with bug reports and comments would be welcome.

Also, my own little compute farm (a core i7 linux box and a pair of core 2 duo Macs) now has results for many of the states that data is currently out for. The latest results always at


Early results

I have my own computers running night and day on the 2010 Census data that started coming out a couple weeks ago. Soon I'll post Mac and Linux clients for those who want to help compute better solutions. The best results so far will be available at:

For example, here's a possible map for Virginia's Congressional districts:


2010 liftoff!

I have a first results on 2010 data! It's just 1000 generations of the nearest neighbor solver, so I'm sure I'll do better soon. So far I've run it for NJ and VA. Had to toss the super-fine face+edges based linking and fall back to common-line-segment linking based on the tabblock tiger maps. The faces seem to have lots of 'blocks' that don't exist in the redistricting data. Probably extra detail on water and unpopulated areas.


Census Released 4 States of 2010 Data

While I was away on vacation for two weeks, the census posted 2010 redistricting data for Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia. All of the geometry data is out.
I have the geometry all processed. I should get those first states imported into my system some time this week.