CA spends $10,000,000 on redistricting

The Sacramento Bee says that the California independent redistricting commission cost $10,000,000 (on what it spend directly and other costs to the state to support it). Aside from the fact that I'm giving away my software and maps for free, they could have paid me a million dollar consulting fee to run it for them and it would have still been a bargain.


bdistricting.com updates

Updated web site. All the pages have been updated with Google+ and Facebook buttons so that you can [+1] or [Like] them (There are also still reddit and twitter links). I put some extra work in to protect privacy on the internet and just going to these pages doesn't let Google or Facebook track visitors via their social network badges. (Okay, I'm still using Google Analytics, but I think that's supposed to be a separate system.) Also, http://bdistricting.com/ now bounces to http://bdistricting.com/2010/ so that it's easier to get to the latest stuff. Old content now lives under /2000/