News Recap, 04-17 to 05-14

2010-04-18 Montana doesn't even have congressional districts, but the state legislature districts cause plenty of contention.

2010-04-16 The race issue is contentious over FL initiatives. FUD from both sides about each other's bills. One is racist, the other is a sham. I don't think they're racist, but I had some nitpicks about the FL initiatives.
2010-05-01 FL legislature proposes competing redistrricting changes. Also: "GOP backed redistricting proposal goes to ballot", HJR 7231

New York
2010-04-16 the albany project blog and 2010-04-20 NYT report on Ed Koch heading up a movement to bring reform to New York state redistricting.

There has been a lot more written about the process unfolding in New York, but I have found it heavy on opinion and speculation and light on what's actually happening.

2010-04-20 5000 people make it to second round for redistricting panel. Editorial on the racial makeup of this pool
2010-05-05 Rose Report notes qualified ballot measure for November ballot to add Congressional redistricting to commission's state legislature redistricting duties. CA Secretary of State list of qualified measures. CA Attorney General bill text Sacramento Bee article sfgate.com article

2010-04-19 Rose Report writes about Illinois Dems introducing their less-change redistricting plan.
But, by 2010-04-30 all IL redistricting reform plans declared dead.
2010-05-03 Chicago Tribune editorial

2010-04-29 Oregon businesses back changes set out in a petition going around for signatures in Oregon.

2010-05-10 Bill expands governor's power. "The fear among Republicans is that the state could end up after this fall's elections with a Democratic attorney general who refuses to seek Justice Department approval for maps drawn by a Republican-controlled General Assembly and approved by a Republican governor."

2010-05-13 Redistricting law passes granting courts greater discretion. Reverts previous restrictions put on court-drawn maps after a 2002-2003 kerfluffle. the bill (pdf) video of legislature debate

Party vs Party
2010-05-04 Indiana: local fox affiliate claims two state house races funded with redistricting control intentions

2010-05-08 AP: Lawmakers can raise 'soft money' for redistricting. This is in anticipation of expensive court battles over maps.

2010-05-11 Huffington Post expounding on Democratic party strategy

2010-05-14 USNews OpEd by Peter Roff singing for the impending republican majority to be brought about by reapportionment and redistricting.

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