"ALURE" Blocky Recursive Districts

Another algorithmic redistricting implementation! "ALURE" (ALgorithmic Universal Redistricting Engine) (their only web presence seems to be that facebook page) looks like another recursive split algorithm like "shortest splitline", but keeping to north-south and east-west cuts and boxes.

It makes districts. They're pretty simple. Given the alternative of complex gerrymandered monsters simple sounds like a good feature.

My usual criticisms of "process" oriented districting applies. Nothing about this process will necessarily produce "good" districts. Its simplicity ignores all existing county and city boundaries which would make it hard to manage. (Something my own software misses too, which I 'm working on for 2020.)


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  3. ALURE introduces a unique blend of blocky, geometric designs within recursive districts, offering a fresh perspective on digital artistry. Through this blog, we'll unravel the intricacies of these districts, diving into the techniques and concepts that bring them to life.
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